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We provide the solutions to your problems: In Hamburg, Porath Customs Agents GmbH isn’t your typical customs agency. Our family-run customs agency, with over 30 years’ experience and cutting-edge digital solutions, will direct you and your goods through Europe – always finding the tailor-made solution. That’s customs customized!

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We make customs clearance easy. How? Using our expertise, strong client focus and cutting-edge IT, we offer you a customized solution to any process.

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To do it yourself, or to source it out: Trying to decide, if jobs should be done internally or by third parties is an issue for many companies. Especially when dealing with customs Europe-wide.

There is really only one right answer to this question: Out-sourcing! Multifunctional sale and purchase market, increasing pressure to cut costs and the risk of compliance accusations require a compatible and cost effective one-stop customs solution for all your import and export business, not to mention competent consultation for every business transaction having to do with customs. This is what the Customs Alliance Europe does for you.

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