Different countries, different customs: Our reliable partners at Customs Alliance Europe take care of any complications with customs, both within Europe as well as internationally.

Avoid bottlenecks in the transit flow with Porath Customs Agents

When goods are transported through a territory, without going through customs clearance for release, we speak of customs transit. The same goes for when goods are passed through a territory in a customs warehouse procedure.

However, there are some classes of goods, which are excluded from this procedure:

Transit procedure

Porath Customs Agents will move you smoothly through customs with the transit system. Import duties are levied at the border on goods from non-EU countries, which are intended for economic circulation. However, most of these goods are not declared in the country of entry but are rather immediately prepared again for export. In such cases, it may be necessary to move the goods through the European Union undeclared. There is a transit system that makes it possible to first declare the goods at the final destination.

The transit system can be done in the following way:

  • The Community Transit System (gVV) serves to move goods from non-Community countries between two Community counties without being subject to customs, various fees or other trade policy measures. At the point of destination, the goods are then moved to the free market or face transit procedures.
  • The Community Transit System (gemVV) regulates the transport of non EU goods between EU and EFTA countries.
  • Transport with Carnet TIR: the TIR Process (Transport Internationaux Routiers) simplifies the overland transportation of goods. Administration is reduced, since only the points of departure and destination are involved in the customs process. The customs control completed in the country of departure must be recognized in all transited countries using the Carent TIR documentation.
  • Transport using Carnet ATA: Carent ATA (Admission Temporaire) is a customs permit document for the temporary admission of goods and can respectively be used for the import, export and transit of goods. Carnet ATA is primarily intended for the temporary admission of goods in international trade, since the temporary import with Carnet ATA is exempt of duties.

We process your transit quickly and accurately.

  • The experienced people at Porath Customs Agents know the requirements and legal norms necessary for processing customs transit.
  • We have access to all of the guarantees and permissions necessary to give you optimal support in processing your transit procedures.
  • Processing transit procedures in Europe is part of our daily business.
  • Thanks to cutting-edge digital solutions, our applications and forwarding of orders run efficiently and transparently.
  • You can track the status of your order throughout the entire process.
  • And it is important to us that our customers always have direct access to a contact person in our company – regardless of the country in which we are supporting your transit procedure.
  • You will receive a speedy response to your requests, a precise consultation and thus a reduction in costs and complications, while optimizing your customs processes.

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